LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // Hissmas (Hiss and Crackle Records, Newcastle)

One of a Kind Record-Store Show in Local Suburb


Local Business Owner- Mitchel Eaton organises Christmas Musical Celebration

Hundreds of music lovers flocked into Wallsend store: Hiss and Crackle Records on Saturday 21st of December for a music event unlike any other. In a local suburb, on a boiling hot summer day of 40 degrees Celsius, local businesses linked together to create the Christmas live music event: Hissmas. With five, diverse bands across a five hour timeslot, a rare, all ages and free entry gig was born.

Electric, space-inspired music group: The Med Heads were no strangers to the Hiss and Crackle stage, with lead singer Mark-Anthony Summer speaking fondly of Mitchel “[Mitch] is here for the right things and we’re here to support those things. I love it”.

The empty streets seemed to contradict the atmosphere inside the store- loud bands, great sales and a day to be remembered all curated by ex JB HI FI worker- Mitchel Eaton. In just eight months, Eaton transformed a quiet street into a bustling environment, linking with local businesses, musicians, hospitality establishments to give back to the community.

Andrew Brassington of local band Ridgemont High spoke “It’s really great to be able to co-operate with other local businesses and make everything a big family”.

With a variety of local musicians who had played the Hiss and Crackle Stage alongside with first-timers, the five bands covered a wide range of genres, from Australian Rock, to Blues. The day featured the talents of Ridgemont High, Mango Avenue, The Med Heads, Fukushima Death Fish and Huckleberry throughout the five hours of bands.

All ages gigs in Newcastle are a rare event now, with local licensing rules putting strains on places in which everyone can experience live music. This hasn’t stopped Mitch, with Hissmas not being the first All Ages music event in store. Throughout the year, a vast range of musicians discovered the rapidly-growing store, with bands and artists including Jones the Cat, James Bennett and Brightness just a few of the talented locals to hit the stage.

“Mitch has a plan, a really good plan for live music in Newcastle” Dhare Labbe (Med Heads)

Since the opening in May, the accessibility of the shop has allowed music fans to re-discover their love for all things music. It’s safe to say that the hundreds of shoppers that turned up on the 21st of December was an indication of just how incredible this local store is.

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