INTERVIEW // Crooked Colours

Earlier in the year, we caught up with Crooked Colours to chat about 2019-2020 and what’s in store for the band …

1. So you boys have just received a Gold Record for Flow. When did you guys first hear about that? What was you reaction? 

CC: We first heard about it about a month ago now from our manager. We were stoked, in a world where we are constantly on the grind, when one record comes out we’re already working on the next it’s good to take a moment when these accolades come through. Above anything we’re just happy that people are listening to and enjoying what we are creating. 

2. What a year for you guys… Laneway, Groovin, an Australian tour and a New Zealand tour! Did you ever think that this would be your life? What’s life on the road like? 

CC: Nope. But it feels really good right now. I’m sure every act feels like it’s been a long road but we’ve been together now for around five years so landing our first touring festival was a big thing for us. To get two in the same year and ones we used to look forward to attending growing up is a crazy feeling. Life on the road is equal parts exhausting and gratifying. Nothing really compares to connecting with fans on the road. 

3. I’ve had a listen to your album, and I can truly say that the world is not ready for what you have in store! It’s been quite sometime since you guys last released an album. What do you feel like is different about this record? What can fans expect?

CC: Firstly thank you. This is a record that we have put everything into and we are very proud of it. To be honest this record was written on the road while we were touring our first record VERA. We learnt a lot from those shows seeing what fans connected to so in a way this record is working collaboration with our fans. We just hope that our fans take some time to sit down and listen to this album front to back as we tried to create a full body of work with this release just like VERA. We are also looking forward to people discovering the new singles that haven’t been released yet as we feel like we didn’t lead with out best on this release strategy.

4. Speaking of your album… What are your favourite tracks of the album? Why?

CC: Just Breath, I C Light & Never Dance Alone. Just Breathe & I C Light have a really unique feel to them and we can’t wait to play them live. Never Dance Alone is exciting to us as it’s the only feature on the album and we couldn’t be happier that we get to share this release with Ladyhawke. 

5. Wrapping it up now… What can we expect from Crooked Colours for the rest of 2019 and the new year?

CC: Shows shows and more shows. We’re hitting the road pretty hard to tour this record including some serious festivals in the U.S. like Bonnaroo, Firefly and Electric Forest. Life after that, who knows… Hopefully some down time to let these last few years sink in because at the moment it feels like we are well and truly on the roller coaster. Extremely fun but afraid that if we blink we might miss it.

Thank you so much for getting us this opportunity, we love Crooked Colours here and are very very excited for what’s to come with the boys!

CC: Thank you xxx 


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