LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // Ali Barter (Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle)


Sometimes you’re watching an artist and you have this gut feeling that, in a matter of time, they’ll be one of the biggest artists in Australia. This is certainly the case with Ali barter.

Ali Barter is an artist unlike any other. Her unique voice, combined with memorable lyrics and a humble personality makes her the perfect artist to get the popularity she deserves.

Heading into Newcastle for a headline Cambridge Hotel show on the 24th of January, a few technical difficulties set Ali back a few minutes before opening the set with Backseat. The audience screamed the familiar lyrics back to her, embracing the obvious connection on stage between Ali and her husband, Oscar Dawson. The glances to him, and the smiles that filled Ali Barter’s face were some of the loveliest moments that had ever been made on the Hotel’s stage.

The audience wasn’t as filled as usual, however, part of this could be attributed to the immense heat of the night. Although not quite as packed, every member of the audience screamed the lyrics just as loud as if it was.

Her band deserve just as much commendation, with special mention going to guitarist Alex Crosara. His stage presence, combined with his immaculate talent was the perfect accompaniment to Ali Barter’s voice. One thing is certain- the set would not be the same without Crosara.

After playing her hits, Girlie Bits and Ur a Piece of Shit, fans cried out for an encore. Ali humbly admitted that she hadn’t expected for this to happen, however Ali and her band delivered, sending off the night with another strong song.

I walked away from the night feeling incredibly grateful to have experienced Ali Barter play such an energy-filled, special set. Emphasis on special, because there was something about the night of the 24th that every audience felt. An amazing connection between everyone on stage, and all those in the crowd.


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