ALBUM REVIEW // Hurry Up and Wait (Dune Rats)

Dune Rats: Hurry Up and Wait


Hurry Up and Wait begins with an iconic ‘Aussie’ voicemail, INTRO, running for just under a minute. It introduces ‘Bobby D’ and serves as a bit of an explicit warning that this album isn’t for the faint hearted. The familiar Dune Rats yells in the opening to BOBBY D lead into iconic, almost early 2000s punk-rock guitar riffs, providing a solid start to the Hurry Up and Wait

RUBBER ARM needs no introduction. The familiar track utilises gang vocals and a catchy hook, appealing to a large audience already. Followed by NO PLANS, which placed number 100 in Triple J’s Hottest 100, the track takes listeners back to that early punk-rock feel. Think ‘The Offspring’, but Australian. A more laid-back unique style of song appears in the track ROCK BOTTOM, with references to ‘Walk on the Wild Side, but Dune Rats place their own spin on the choruses and bridge, with their iconic sound.

CRAZY is already a fan-favourite, placing in the top 200 of Triple J’s countdown. The track is the perfect soundtrack for an Australian Summer; drinking beer and hanging out with mates. PATIENCE plays on the familiar Australian sound, evident in the 90s Triple J countdowns, with yet another catchy hook- making for a song that you can sing along to even on first listen.

Longest track on the album (3:06) BAD HABITS is such a familiar song: lyrics you can relate to, a catchy hook and not too far out of your comfort zone. The future for this track is definitely big. Imagine thousands of people at a music festival screaming the lyrics louder than those on stage.’

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES features American Songwriter- K.Flay in another fast paced Summer road trip song. The addition of a female voice adds a unique dimension, and K.Flay’s voice definitely compliments the Dune Rats’ sound. IF MY BONG COULD TALK is the most 90s style song on here. You can see this song being in the top 10 of any Hottest 100 from the late 90s. The short 1:38 second song definitely has controversial themes, but it’s definitely going to be one of the biggest tracks of the album.

On the closing end of the album, THE SKIDS is a strong indicator that Dune Rats don’t just write fast, guitar heavy songs. A lot of credit should be given to all involved in these tracks, creating a musical experience that once people listen to the album, they’ll head straight back to the beginning to listen all over again.

Final track MOUNTAINS COME AND GO BUT AUSSIE PUB ROCK LIVES ON (FOREVER) is the classic Dune Rats song to conclude the album. Repeating the lyrics in the same fashion as BOBBY D. The boys have made it certain that Aussie Rock will live on forever.

The difference between Dune Rats, and the rest of the music industry in the current time is that they’re writing songs that people have grown up being familiar with- it makes their songs approachable. With the almost reminiscent sounds of Blink 182, The Offspring, Frenzal Rhomb and even early Fall Out Boy. Dune Rats have large successes in their future and it is absolutely certain that Hurry Up and Wait will be so much bigger than anyone expects.


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