LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // The Witching Hour (Newcastle Hotel)



Just off their first Australian tour, The Witching began their newest tour at the Newcastle Hotel in Newcastle, NSW. Hailing from the Central Coast, the four piece grunge rock band have already resonated with Australians. Their debut single ‘Lay You Down’ generated large interest on Triple J Unearthed, prompting the band’s placement in the top 20 Unearthed Artists of the year in 2019.

For fans of Silverchair, fused with the Glam rock of Twisted Sister, The Witching Hour displayed a refined set, with an instrumental black-out introduction as the boys walked onto stage. In a fairly packed-out room in the Newcastle Hotel, the band began their set with headbanging, haunting movements and distinct guitar chords.

Backstage, the Witching Hour Boys (Taime Marsh- Frontman, Bradley Hughes- Bassist, Kyle Fardell- Guitar and Bailey Graeber- Drums) present themselves in a relaxed but professional manner. They take their music seriously, but enjoy a bit of fun too.

Despite the fact that the Witching Hour aren’t distinctly doing anything different in the music industry, they’re playing familiar music that resonates with a crowd of 18-30 year olds. People are drawn to what they know, and especially in the Australian music scene, audience members can immediately draw the parallel of young Daniel Johns (Front man of Silverchair)  to Taime Marsh (Front Man of The Witching Hour). With a large production team already, including sound, lighting, management and guitar technicians- the band have a bright future ahead of them.

It’s certain that their newest tour ‘The Ritual’, with 11 dates already spanning across Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast will cement The Witching Hour’s name across a variety of cities and audiences.

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