ALBUM REVIEW // Stranger Heart EP (Jack River)


Jack River- Album Review Stranger Heart

Beginning with ambient Lonely River, fans of Jack River (Holly Rankin) are immediately presented with a newer side of the 28 year-old Australian singer. Progressing through the album, listeners are met with the familiar Later Flight, with notable lyrics; a deep love song. “I will love you for all of my life. I know” sits in the head of every listener.

Night Song features Holly’s distinct voice, with vulnerable lyrics and ‘infinite’ orchestration before stripping back for the bridge of the song. Ending with synthesiser effects, the track is perfectly positioned in the album. A fusion between the previous album’s (Sugar Mountain) indie-pop sound, combined with a mature refined approach to music- the fourth track Dark Star is the memorable Jack River. Distinct guitar phrases are placed throughout the song, and the catchy chorus creates a perfect hit.

Closer is packed with emotion, from the first piano chord to the last note of the beautiful song. If there’s one way to describe this song, it’s that movie moment when the characters are with their partner and they kiss underneath the lights of the city. This track is one of the most mature and deep love songs that has been released.

Second last track on the album Infinity Roses gives Goosebumps to all listeners. Written on the day her friend’s mother passed away, Holly works with Xavier Dunn in a Lana Del Ray inspired-way to create a dark, but emotional track.

Finally, listeners are met with the shadowy 80sHD. The darkest of all Jack River’s releases, this track leaves a distinct impression on all. The notable “love sucks, but I want it from you” is a dark ending to a memorable album.

Released on Valentine’s Day, Stranger Heart EP is a dedication of love, the movie moments and the dark times. There’s one linking characteristic throughout the EP, the familiar, unique voice of Holly. Mature lyrics, combined with the dark twist of the realness of love. If the name Jack River wasn’t cemented in the Australian music industry yet, it’s definite that this release has done so.

Are you gonna get it from me?…

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