LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // Lili Alaska (The Wanderer)


There was a bit of rain across Sydney last Friday evening, but that didn’t stop the crowds from coming into The Wanderer in Surry Hills. A small bar with a gorgeous ambience and a warm, homey feeling was the perfect setting for 15-year-old Lili Alaska and her father, Peter Longfield to play.

At such a young age, Lili has lived a life of travel and a passion for music, and it shows through her powerful presence and impressive original songs. Originally from France, Lili and her family have travelled between New Zealand and Australia before ending up in the US. Here, Lili found her love of music and even spent a year on the road between New York and Alaska; finding inspiration in none other than Nashville, Tennessee. 

Playing both electric and acoustic guitar throughout the night, Lili was supported by her father and fellow guitarist.

“They love to play together because it adds more depth to the performance. And they love it!” said Lili’s mother who was cheering along in the audience. 

“She also plays in a band at school called Fridge, and she has been writing her own songs since she was around ten years old.”

With the music of Dolly Parton, Bon Iver and Alanis Morissette filling up this humble bar, crowds flooded in and out to sing and take in the great music Lili had to offer. 

She played a number of original songs alongside the covers including ‘Power’, a powerful yet short and sweet electric guitar tune, and ‘Riches’, which featured thoughtful lyrics and a catchy melody. 

One table stayed for the duration of the gig, chanting “one more song” over and over again. They then requested one of Lili’s original songs by name; showing that they really had been listening.

“Play ‘Massive Attack’! Just one more time! Please!”, they yelled.

And so she did. A wonderful song accompanied by a loop track she smiled and sung the song again; absolutely glowing.


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