LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // Vera Blue (Roundhouse UNSW)


When you think about university O-week gigs, you think of open mic nights, karaoke events and toga parties. But those who flooded the UNSW Roundhouse during O-week 2020 discovered something a little different when Vera Blue took to the stage, presenting possibly the biggest O-week gig university life has ever seen.

One of the biggest acts out of Australia right now, Vera Blue (or as some may know her Celia Pavey) is taking the world by storm. Recently playing the main stage at Falls Festival, playing at the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheatre and taking #2 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 with her latest track ‘Rushing Back’ ft. Flume, many were shocked to hear she was playing a gig at UNSW’s Roundhouse.

The night started out with the stunning talents of Sycco; 18-year-old singer-songwriter and producer Sasha McLeod. With a captivating and soulful voice she took to the stage with her band and the group had more fun on stage than I’ve seen most acts have. For a young artist she presented endless charisma, confidence and charm, after one song laughing at how awesome this gig was.

The room filled up even more and the time came for 16-year-old Triple J Unearthed High winner George Alice to take the stage. Performing both originals and covers alongside her drummer and friend Daniel Steinert, she had the audience buzzing and dancing all throughout the set. Her most well-known song, ‘Circles’ was performed as her final song, and there wasn’t one person in the crowd who wasn’t singing.

By this time, the room was absolutely packed and people were waiting with excitement buzzing through their fingers and toes; ready for Vera to come out. In a stunning transparent floral bodysuit covered in a gorgeous sheer coat, there she was in all her glory, and the crowd went wild.

Supported by touring band members Dave Jenkins Jr., Sammy Telford and Ross James, the group performed a captivating hour-long set, featuring some of Vera Blue’s greatest hits including ‘Regular Touch’, ‘All the Pretty Girls’, and ‘Lady Powers’ in which she had everyone, regardless of gender, singing along

Vera Blue has to be without a doubt one of the most confident, energetic and captivating performers to come out of Australia, and it’s any wonder she is doing so well.

If this O-week gig didn’t get you ready for the uni year, nothing will!

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