LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // Verge Collection (Waywards, Sydney)


On the 21st of February Verge Collection headlined a show at Waywards at the bank, Newtown. As I walked into the venue as doors opened, the excitement was high as we anticipated the entrance of the opening acts Mimi the Desert Pearl and Good Lekker on the small, instrument filled stage. Over the course of the night; the high energy, mixed crowd of teenage party ravers and adult rockers, raised the roof as they un-harmoniously yelled the lyrics to the three bands classic songs.

The special guest and opening act, Mimi the Desert Pearl, a two piece band from the Blue Mountains compromised of band members Bella Luchetti as vocals and guitar and Thomas Abrahamson on drums and backing vocals brought fierce energy and comical laughter. Personally, I really loved watching the garage band rock duo performed finding myself laughing at their jokes between songs and keeping the crowd entertained throughout their whole set. Their friendly stage presence created a playful atmosphere, so much so that when an audience member came onstage to sing the chorus alongside the lead singer, she just stepped to the side and sung along with her. It was awesome to see the interaction. Ultimately, they put on a really good performance and were my favourite band for the night. I look forward to seeing them grow further in the future.

Squeezing their huge band on the stage following this stellar duo was Good Lekker, a massive 6 piece band from Wollongong. Featuring  Joh Fahey as lead vocals and guitar, Alex Gray on lead guitar and vocals, Mal Hurley on rhythm guitar and Dooley Whitton on drums, as well as Hamish starr on bass and Oliver Critchley head bobbing on synth and percussion. I admired the energy of the pianist; Oliver Critchley, with a non-stop bop, as well as Josh Fahey the groovy lead guitarist and vocals who spun his guitar every which way. Their set was nothing short of fun. As the crowds poured in the energy was maximised, which is both surprising and spectacular for a dream pop band. Playing their hit songs including ‘Prague’ and ‘what I used to know’, a definite highlight of the performance was when the lead singer brought out a tambourine for a cover of peter Bjorn’s ‘Young folks’. The audience went absolutely wild. It was crazy! From generation to generation this was a song, and act, everyone enjoyed, and everyone could grove to.

Finally, Verge Collection made their way onstage. The four piece rock band got everyone dancing the dark corners, to atop the couches and milk crates to the (almost) violent mosh pit which constantly fell onstage.  Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the Perth band rocking out onstage. They played their hit songs spectacularly, and even I couldn’t help but boogie during ‘our place’ and ‘cover it up’- hearing such a catchy song which I will always sing along to. Their confidence was fantastic; playing each note to precision- it was as if I was listening to the album with headphones on. Every note played perfectly. Furthermore, I really loved watching the bass player perform. His natural ease when performing and confidence was joyous to watch, and constant praise for his band members was really nice. He is what concerts are all about- the harmony between performers, performance and the crowds, to create a fun atmosphere during the concert.

Overall, it was a really fun night filled with some awesome upcoming bands performing stellar acts that are really going to pave the way for the future of Australian music. It was a spectacular sight to see; people of all different ages coming to the same gig just to enjoy the music and have a boogie.

 I’ll make sure I keep my eyes out for these performers in the future and would definitely go to their show again to have a good dance.

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