Sold For Parts – Fontaines D.C.

While Irish punk poets Fontaines D.C. may be heading to our shores soon after their delayed Laneway Festival run, right now you can watch them perform a bunch of tracks and visit the recording sessions from their debut album Dogrel. The recent time capsule chronicles their mindset and rise to fame as they made the record and shot to indie stardom, still staying humble and true to their ideals. It’s a very interesting watch featuring some brilliantly edited long shots and live footage, cut in with VHS and Super 8 clips, plus interviews of those close to them.  The best part about both these rockumentary’s is that you can fit them both in over about the same time two episodes of The Simpsons would take!

Fontaines D.C. will play a Sold Out show at The Metro in Sydney on Tuesday April 21st

Watch ‘Sold For Parts’ here:

‘Starting Now’ – DIIV

Funnily enough, New York City’s shoegaze connoisseurs DIIV are also about to make the great leap down under. Their documentary is a little different tonally, shifting from tour shenanigans captured on an old school camcorder, to serious discussions about front-man Zachary Cole Smith’s stint in rehab. Diving deep into some of the recording sessions of their latest album Deceiver, the film paints the band out to be a bunch of kids full of energy, but also manages to point out the pitfalls of constant touring and life on the road as well. Big props go to the director of this one, Frances Capell, a woman absolute slaying at her craft, as expected.

You can buy tickets to DIIV’s Sydney show at Manning Bar here:

Watch ‘Starting Now’ here:

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