SINGLE REVIEW // Lay Down (Southern End)


Newcastle band Southern End are no strangers when it comes to releasing catchy music.
Their new single is just an example of that. The four piece have shared a stage with bands such as Spacey Jane, RAAVE TAPES and Thirsty Merc and they are known for their energetic live performances.

‘Lay Down’ starts off soft with a catchy guitar riff that instantly gets you hooked in, followed by a strong bass line that plays underneath. When the lyrics come in and start the verse, you can’t help but to be drawn to the mellow tones in the vocals that gives you a calm, chill feel. The verse continues with the solid rhythm of the drums and groovy bass line, underneath a psychedelic guitar riff that builds up. This changes when the guitar goes into some dreamy chords that just take you away, it’s the perfect build up for when the chorus hits into a funky rock and roll vibe that is so catchy that you will fall in love with this track the first time you hear it.

Overall, when you look at this track, the instruments blend in a way that makes the vocals and the lyrics stand out and that’s why this single is so catchy. A good blend of psychedelic guitar riffs, with dream pop guitar chords and a strong rhythm with a good bass line and soft, mellow vocals on the top.

If you enjoy psychedelic rock mixed with dream pop vibes you’re gonna dig this track.


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