TEMPORARY TEAM FAVOURITES // Parklands, Well?, Vanilla Gorilla and More


The Temporary Team love live music, and in the previous few weeks there were some pretty amazing new releases in music. Here’s some of our favourites:

Parklands – ‘Certain Extent

Four-piece indie rock band, Parkland, just released their debut single ‘Certain Extent’. With distinct vocals and a perfect ‘late night drive’ chorus, it’s a memorable song. I’m super keen to hear what is next for this band, they’ve come out of nowhere for this first track and it’s an absolute banger. This is a great track for fans of Pacific Avenue, Wallows, or Catfish and The Bottlemen.


Vanilla Gorilla – ‘Dreamer

Vanilla Gorilla are notoriously known for releasing incredible tracks; solid tunes with excellent production. This five-track EP ‘Dreamer‘ is a mix of everything great that’s come from the music industry. Imagine Nirvana meeting Ocean Alley, with psychedelic guitar riffs from the Led Zeppelin days, all smashed together with surf rock. Massive praise to these boys and the whole Vanilla Gorilla crew.


Well? – ‘After

The easiest way to describe this ‘After’ is to tell you to listen to it yourself. I’ve not heard any sort of psychedelic rock music in the same way of Rush or Led Zeppelin for decades, but this Newcastle band has taken these influences and created yet another massive song inspired by the greats. The first time I heard this track my jaw dropped to the floor, the talent of the three-piece band is immense, and they should be super proud of this track.



  1. Nothing Left To Say – WHARVES
  2. A State of Living In An Objective Reality – Eliza And The Delusionals (EP)
  3. Nasty Noise – Big Nasty (EP)
  4. Spark Up! – Ball Park Music
  5. OK – Wallows
  6. Lay Down – Southern End
  7. Cannibals – Droves
  8. Certain Extent – Parklands
  9. Dreamer – Vanilla Gorilla
  10. After – Well?

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