Newcastle Indie Rock band ‘Loons’ are back at it again with their newest release ‘LOONS’. This five-track EP is set to release on the 3rd of April on all streaming platforms. A step up from the previous single’s released by the boys, it’s a display of exactly what the young music scene fans are loving at the moment.

The EP begins with what I can definitely say will be a big song, ‘Want Me’. Think Pacific Avenue meets Hockey Dad, with even a little bit of the 90s grunge sounds embedded into it. The solid guitars and support of the band emphasise the distinctive vocals of Elijah Cairns.You’ll be left dancing around your room and singing the line ‘Don’t you want me now’ and swishing your hair around. This is easily my favourite track of the EP.

‘Bleed Me Yellow’ is on the groovier side, displaying the diversity of Loons. I don’t want to spoilt the surprise of this track, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it. Another great track, with a killer guitar solo. I can’t wait until quarantine is over and I can check out this track live.

I’m always a sucker for a bit of banter before a heavier track, and ‘Rage Quit’ lives up to the name and so much more. A completely different track to the previous two songs, it’s grungier and more rock-heavy. I can imagine this song being a massive festival hit, with a mosh circle and everything in between. I really love this track.

The next track ‘ Hold Your Head’ is a the track that slows down the most for a bit of a slow dance. There aren’t really words to describe this, it’s something you definitely have to listen to. It’s the perfect addition to this EP.

Concluding with ‘Friend’, it’s clear that the boys from LOONS have gotten onto some great here. From start to this distinctive ending, they’ve managed to fit in a bit of everything creating a memorable EP.

All-in-all, this EP is incredible. I can’t wait to add these songs to my playlist and to check them out live. I definitely recommend that everyone listens to this album when its released on the 3rd of April.  

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