Newcastle Rock Band Midway Release ‘Beach Girl’


COVER ART BY @georgiesphotos_

Novocastrian Indie Rock band- Midway are back at it with their newest single, ‘Beach Girl’. A track filled with guitar riffs, clean vocals and a great sound- this track is set to be released within the next few weeks, but we got an exclusive listen to it and these are our thoughts.

This is what we love to hear from the Newcastle music scene, songs that are reflective of the beach, mates and just having a good time. Midway have hit all the targets here, with a refined track that is sure to cause a big stir within the music scene. I can see this track being a great one for a crowd sing along once gigs are back on (it’ll give them enough time to learn the words). This track is a definite listen to for fans of Hockey Dad or Pacific Avenue.

It’s great to hear young musicians in Newcastle creating distinctive tracks like this and I can’t wait to hear some more releases from these boys in the future, in the meantime- check out their acoustic online set this weekend at for Homegrown @ Home which will feature Jordan (Lead Singer) playing an acoustic set from 6:30-7:00pm over on Midway’s instagram!


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