Oly Sherman’s Top Five Tips for Creatives During Isolation // EXCLUSIVE

Sydney songwriter Oly Sherman has just released ‘Homeboy’, his strongest piece of work to date. The team at Temporary Dreamer were super keen to have a chat to him and get some advice on staying creative during isolation

5 Tips for Creatives in Iso

  • For me personally, I’ve been listening to as many genres of music as I can. I find that there’s always something within a song that you may not listen too that you can use! 
  • Something that’s important to me, is to always use the sun! I find that even half an hour in the sun can completely revitalise my mood or whatever I am doing.
  • Sounds simple, but self-love is super important. I find it’s really easy to get down about everything that’s going on, so just remember to back yourself. 
  • Do something else that’s creative besides music. For example, I’ve been taking the time to cook something new every day, and love cooking for other people. 
  • Talk to and keep up with as many friends as possible! They are going to be your biggest fans during this crazy time. 

Check out his newest track ‘Homeboy’ below!

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