INTERVIEW // Hattie Oates on her new track ‘High’


We get some pretty lucky opportunities to chat with some of the best up-and-coming stars in the music industry, and young singer/ songwriter Hattie Oates is absolutely no exception. Her remarkable style and maturity is displayed in her newest release ‘High’ a dark, alternative pop track that encapsulates everything wonderful about music. Editor, Tara Campbell caught up with Hattie to chat all things music and creativity

How are you? How have you been maintaining your creativity during isolation?

Hey, hey! I am very well! Thank you for asking 🙂

Isolation has definitely been a learning curve in terms maintaining my creativity, but a healthy one for sure. Even though, staring at the same four walls isn’t overly inspiring, I started making sure I wrote something new every day. Good or bad, I just wanted to get in a routine of writing more often. Hopefully I can keep it up when life gets busy again!

We are loving your new track ‘High’, what was the process you took to create this


I was listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran at the time of writing this song, and I really wanted to experiment with the way he uses quick phrasing. Almost like rapping but more melodic, and when I found the chord progression, everything just fell into place. I had a completed song in about 2 hours! I loved the process that followed as well, starting to think about how I wanted the production to sound, which I found so inspiring and exciting. Especially when you see it all come to life in the studio.

What does this song mean to you? It’s a song that a lot of us can relate to the

‘adrenaline rush’ of a crush/ attraction.

I wrote this song about that feeling you get when you have a new little crush and no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can’t help the tingling butterflies in your belly! This song was just something I felt within myself that needed to be written, it was something I could relate to and I knew many others would too.

What inspired this track? Was there a certain someone, or a place or time in your


I didn’t write the song about a specific time in particular, but more of a reoccurring feeling that happens every time you discover that attraction for someone new 🙂

You’ve been making music for quite some time. How did you get into it and what

are your goals for the future?

I started getting into music around the age of 10 and I learnt from YouTube vids, before I realised it was something I was super passionate about. I definitely have big aspirations in terms of the future, but also so happy with my current path of just writing, recording and releasing tunes. I am still currently at school, however, as soon as I leave next year, I want to travel and perform anywhere and everywhere possible! I want to make this passion a lifestyle, so I’m willing to work as hard as I need too, to make that a reality!

And finally, our signature question. If this your track ‘High’ was a colour, what

would it be?

Oooo, this is such a fun question! I would have to say red! Not only did I make it the colour of my single cover, I also felt it captured the intensity of raw emotion that the song provokes. It almost gives a subtle “bad ass” feel, haha!


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