REVIEW // Spacey Jane Debut Album ‘Sunlight’


Spacey Janes debut album ‘Sunlight’  is a boatload of goodness that lives up to its title. The Western Australian sweethearts have created an album, which played in its entirety goes through a mass of emotions, whilst keeping a sunny demeanour and sound. 

The last few years have been massive for them- performing at Splendour in the Grass, touring and releasing two EPs- which have evidently accumulated into their current mass fanbase, sold out (but postponed) 2020 Aussie tour and success of the debut album, despite only having been released for a day. 

“Sunlight’ proves that time does make things better- despite waiting for what seemed like forever for the whole release, it truly was worth it. Teasing us into the full release, the band has been slowly releasing singles such as ‘Good for You’ and ‘Good Grief’ since early last year, prior to their Laneway success this February in Sydney, to great acclaim- even placing in at #80 in 2019s Hottest 100 with the former. 

Lyrically, the whole album takes a deeper dive into youth and the last light of teenage years- of the anxieties, heartaches and issues young adults face. 

Tracks like ‘Booster Seat’ bring on a reminiscent feeling not unlike deja vu as the band describes feelings I thought couldn’t be vocalised, let alone harmonised to and made sound so damn wholesome. 

My favourite track off the album would have to be ‘Trucks’- the sound throwing back to their earlier releases like ‘Saw Teeth’, and the oxymoronically upbeat-sad sound paired with crooning vocals showing similarities to Aussie artists like Annie Hamilton, Maddy Jane and San Cisco.

If I could change one thing about the album, it would be that I got to see a sneak peek of it live in action before hearing it over my headphones on a grey morning walk. 

Something about their live performances makes every song feel much more special, personable and full of life. It may be their extraordinary chemistry as a band, their youth, their relatability, or perhaps the fact that every song they release happens to be a straight banger. Either way, they’ve done a bloody good job of their first album release, and I for one cannot wait to see them perform it live in some capacity at some point in the future (near or far)!

While you may not be hearing it here first, I must reiterate- these kids are going somewhere, and that elusive ~somewhere~ is looking pretty damn good to me and the rest of their fans.

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