REVIEW // Wing Defence EP ‘Friends’


Wing Defence is primarily a position in netball played by the strongest and most skilled players who are there to support- and much like the game, the band of the same name is a mix of the best musicians, in terms of strength of character, musical talent, and self, and the ability to portray these traits through their songs. The Adelaide locals have been creating pop-punk bangers since 2018, and in a relatively short two years have worked tirelessly on creating an EP which is to be released incredibly soon, on July 3rd. 

‘Friends’  is an absolute game winner (and changer) in all ways possible. Composed of 6 tracks, with 4 of which being pre-released as singles, this EP encapsulates many different phases for the band, with them stating “Wing Defence seemed to form at a time when all of us were facing a huge crossroad in our lives and needed to find refuge, needed to find friendship and laughter in the hard times. We needed to make light of our common struggles and lift each other up. Through this, we found really strong friendships, hence the EP titled ‘Friends’. The entire EP really developed and became one huge counselling session”

This is clear through the varied emotions conveyed through the  tracks- with ‘Bob’ filled with hope and words of advice for future generations, ‘Relocate’ full of raw reminiscing and reflection, and “Weapons” riddled with doubt. The band deals with emotion gracefully and doesn’t steer clear of hard hitting lyrics and political affiliations- which is what makes the EP so realistic and poignant in this time. 

The band creates a safe environment through their platform and songs, and openly encourages political awareness of current issues like climate emergency and the black lives matter movement. Politics and music have long since gone hand in hand, and it is refreshing to see a relatively new Aussie band using their platform and art to educate and spread awareness in a non-critical or judgemental way. 

The tracks on the EP were created through a variety of sessions in Adelaide, with the band working with Mario Spate (Montaigne, Jess Kent), their guitarist Benny Tamblyn- Morrow, and engineers Wade Keighran and Rick O’Neill (Silverchair, You Am I, Powderfinger), which is evident in the tone range across the EP. With a wide array of festivals up their sleeve from previous sets at Aussie staples like Laneway, Groovin the Moo, and Bigsound, and supporting artists such as West theBarton, Polish Club and The Vanns, the band has been curating and gathering a large fanbase who have been waiting eagerly for the EP- who certainly won’t be disappointed by its contents when it is released on July 3rd.

‘Bob’ is a standout track on the EP, simply as it carries so much emotional meaning and really pushes the bands message that they’re ‘here if ya need’(much like in netball), which carries across to their social media platforms. The dedication of this song to ‘Little Boy Bob’, who is evidently close to the bands hearts, means it spreads an overwhelming feeling of love and care, and shares advice for his future. The whole song lyrically gives advice for the younger generations and heartwarmingly gives a strong sense of hope in these seemingly hopeless times. 

Their EP ‘Friends’ is on its way and nearing ever closer to release date- the fans are into the final quarter of the game and it looks like (the) wing defence is about to hold up and support the team for a strong win.

Stream ‘Friends’ Now:

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