FEATURE // New Track ‘Satisfied’ by BELLE


The mature voice of BELLE (Isabella Kerr), a Dubbo-based singer/ songwriter drifts from my computer speaker as I listen to her newest track Satisfied released on the 15th of July 2020.

With a funky rhythm, a strong vocal line and a unique tone of voice, BELLE’s newest track will have you singing along within moments. It’s impossible to sit still whilst listening to this track.

Inspired by female indie rockers Tash Sultana and Angie McMahon, it’s clear to see how these influences come into play on this release. She speaks that

“The origin is deeply personal. When I found myself stuck loving someone who was using me. It was such a confusing time.
Even once I had realised what she was doing, I still couldn’t leave. It felt like she owned me, that even if I tried, I was never
going to be able to leave unless she decided to set me free. So, I started writing. The title came from something I started
repeating to myself. I could not stand up for myself, but towards the end of the relationship I would just think repeatedly,
‘are you satisfied yet?’. This song is everything I wish I could have said then but couldn’t.”

There is nothing quite like the first listen of Satisfied, the singer’s third track released into the world. It seems to perfectly encapsulate the feels of a relationship that just isn’t working, a situation many of us have been in before.

BELLE possesses everything that we’re looking for in the industry at the moment, and personally, I’m super excited to hear what’s coming next from her. She’s someone that I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye and ear out for. But in the meantime, stream Satisfied below!





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