REVIEW // Sir Winston ‘Hollywood Hills’


“Hollywood Hills” is the first release of 2020 from New York based Australian artist Sir Winston. Winston is known for his work in previous projects such as Floor 13, Atari Baby and The Winston Giles Orchestra. This track is a follow up from his debut release “Everybody must dance” which was released back in June 2019 and received over 100k streams on Spotify.

The track consists of a steady bass line underneath, drums, catchy lyrics and, of course the sounds of a tambourine which you can also hear in his previous release. A high point of this track is towards the end when the guitar riffs kick in along with a groovy bass line that gives the song so much energy.

This just proves that Winston can generate good music that is catchy and has a significant sound. After listening you can also hear it has strong influences from genres including psych rock and indie.

Sir Winston did not disappoint with this appealing new track that has a brilliant combination of drums and vocals and blends indie vibes with psych rock. That’s what makes it guaranteed for listeners to be excited for what’s to come as Winston shows with this release and his previous release that his music is captivating and will get stuck in your head.


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