Once a small central-coast act and now one of the best up-and-coming, mature artists- E^ST recently blessed our ears with her debut album I’M DOING IT. Although young, she’s has constantly wowed listeners by her maturity, song writing and catchy hooks. This album is no exception.

Fading into the album FIT FOR COMPANY introduces us to the developed and transcending sound of the young artist. Tuning sounds fade into mellow guitars with a twist and listeners begin to drift into the haze that is E^ST.

Perfectly mixed into FLIGHT PATH, the contrast is perfect. It’s the perfect track; the familiar E^ST sound, with slightly more production to create what I can only describe as an indie pop dance party. Followed by MAYBE IT’S ME which I’d compare to modern day arcades, with electronic synths meeting 80s sounds, but with E^ST’s twist to it. Relatable lyrics with a dancey beat makes this the perfect track for dancing around your room singing into a hairbrush.

FOUND SOMEBODY is a mellower electronic track, with vocal effects on the young singers voice. For fans of The 1975, you could easily equate this to any of the band’s hits. It’s something is hard to pull off perfectly, with the perfect build and melancholy lyrics meeting the traditional synth- but without a shadow of a doubt, E^ST has pulled it off with flying covers.

FRESH OUT OF LOVE, I’M NOT FUNNY ANYMORE and TURN are just three of the many tracks that highlight just what I love about E^ST. The fact that she can create lyrics and melodies that send you back into a particular point in time- creating emotion out of the smallest moments.

If you haven’t heard TALK DEEP by now, you’re definitely living under a rock. There truly are not enough words to describe how clever and special this track is. All I can recommend is to add this song into every single playlist you have and put it on repeat. You’ll be screaming “I don’t wanna sleep I wanna talk deep all night” in no time.

An surprising twist to the album NO ONE WITH YOU is bubblegum pop meets electronic guitars with E^ST’s clever lyrics. If you’re a fan of LAUV, you will love this one.

Another track that will transport you to a small but powerful moment of your life is WALKING HOME IN THE RAIN. The accompaniment will flow through your bod and E^ST’s vocals will sail around in your head giving you Goosebumps within seconds.

As the album begins to wrap up, we have a darker track GET THROUGH, aka the perfect song to scream in the car late at night. I WANNA BE HERE starts to make me emotional, transporting me back to the first time I saw E^ST- a nostalgic memory linked back to her supporting slot at the Sydney Roundhouse supporting Twenty One Pilots. The first time I fell in love with her music, the power of music rushing through your body.

Finally, the last track of the album I’M DOING IT plays. With 80s themes piano, meeting modern production, she sends the album off with a song that will remind you just how powerful she is.

It astounds me that E^ST hasn’t taken over the world yet. Her sound and lyrics transcend her age and this album perfectly cements her place in the industry. She’s a powerhouse, and there is no doubt that she is DOING IT. I highly recommend you check out this album immediately.


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