Sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble across an artist that truly takes your breath away with talent, GEM is all that and more. This week I was fortunate enough to have a listen to GEM RPM’s brand new track ‘Malibu’ an easy-listening groovy track that transports you to late nights watching the sunset, early mornings surfing at the beach, or that final moment when you stumble out of the club.

This Australian-born female producer is hitting the industry with a track that easily shows off her talent- already receiving accolades from the press. Set to release her first original album in late 2020, GEM has supported her newest release Malibu with a transcending video (which you can watch below).

With excellent production, dreamy vocals and a captivating vibe- Malibu is a lovely introduction to new fans who haven’t stumbled across the producer yet (however, I’m sure that after she drops her album, there will be no doubt that GEM’s name will become cemented in our heads as one of the best up-and-coming artists. I’m super excited to see what else is in store from GEM and I’d highly recommend checking out this track.



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