SINGLE REVIEW // ‘We Should Just Be Friends’ – Not Good Not Bad


Local to the Newcastle Music Scene, Not Good Not Bad are the perfect concoction of every many genres. Ranging from Musical Theatre, Punk, topped with a little dream pop and emo- the band is creating “a sound that is truly their own”. Following on from ‘Seasons’ (2019) and newest release ‘Your Place’, Not Good Not Bad are set to release their latest single- ‘We Should Just Be Friends

This track is a beautiful and emotional dream pop experience. Easily displaying why this band is loved, ‘We Should Just Be Friends’ is a track that can be related to by everyone. The lyrics will hit home immediately, and you’ll instantly fall in love with the dreamy vibes. Vocalist, Jorden strikes an emotional chord with listeners and you’ll find yourself sobbing along and simultaneously rocking out to this track in no time.

“I never meant to go home. I wanted to follow wherever you go…”

Ending far too song, the track leaves you wanting more. Soon enough, you’ll have the track on repeat blasting it with windows down in your car on a late night drive. I’ve instantly fallen in love with this track, and highly recommend it to fans of Ali Barter, Middle Kids or Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.


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