INTERVIEW // RACKETT: on Isolation and her new track ‘Crush’


I had the absolute pleasure of talking with the amazing Bec of RACKETT. She has gone from badass punk rock front woman to badass neon pop goddess. Not only does she release perfect tracks, but she is also one of the nicest and inspiring people I’ve spoken to.

Her new track “Crush” is out and it certainly proves just how much talent the artist has.

How have you been coping through the pandemic?
“I’ve been good – I’ve taken up the opportunity to work on some collaborative projects. I started a TV show that’s aired on Heaps Gay and Mardi Gras and it’s called Loud and Queer TV. That was a collaboration between the Heaps Gay creator and myself. So we produced two seasons of live music and performance art episodes and then after that we took a little bit of a break to source some funding to continue the program and I jumped into “Crush” and yeah, just kind of followed the thread of network, you know people that I had met through Loud and Queer TV to construct the video clip and yeah. I mean there’s just so much to the Crush release that I could talk about but yeah, they are the two main things I’ve been doing throughout COVID.”

Where did the name RACKETT come from?

“Well basically it was just a brain storming session with myself and a friend of mine and we kind of looked at the word RACKETT and elaborated on the meaning of it. RACKETT can be a forward movement of a group of people, it’s a force forward. It also means a loud noise which I would say is pretty much the premise of everything I do – Kind of loud and in your face so yeah that’s basically where it came from and then I decided to stick with the name and use it as a revolutionary kind of place holder for where I’ve come from and to where I’m going.

What was the reason for the change in music style?
“I’m pretty informed by what I like and I guess I just kind of evolved from listening to punk rock music and really like devouring all those staples and then Charli XCX was kind of the catalyst for me moving into the pop pc world and I guess you know if you listen to my Make A Rackett playlist it’s predominantly pc pop, rap and trap really so I just kind of wanted to join my personal preferences with what I make as an artist.”

What’s the inspiration behind Crush”

“I was listening to a lot of current pop music but I was also listening to a lot of 90’s pop music and dance music and I stumbled across an old one called “Crush” by Jennifer Paige – not sure if you remember that song – then my friend sent me Aaron Carter’s “Crush On You”, I think it was released in 1996 and yeah I was just feeling that theme and like that just kind of evolved but it’s very much a collaborative effort between Dave who’s a friend of my producer and as much as we were informed by our mutual like of pop music we don’t necessarily take one track and go that’s the inspiration, it’s just kind of like a subconscious mush of different sounds and songs we’re listening to at the time.”

Temporary Dreamer’s Signature Question: If you could describe your song with a colour, what would it be and why?

“Pink! Of course! Yeah because pinks a very feminine energy and it’s also very much the colour of love. Pink for me is a colour I’ve probably rejected for a good seven years. Really delving into my masculinity energy as a rock woman, you need to have a lot of masculinity, so for me “Crush” and the colour pink kind of represent me coming out as still very strong but feminine energy.”

What do you miss most about touring?

“I miss the girls! Yeah, I miss the girls and I miss meeting new people. I miss meeting new fans and interacting with them and of course I just love to be on stage.”

What’s your favourite live show moment?

“Probably when I shaved my head live on stage. Definitely an adrenaline rush.”

If you could give your younger self any piece of advice, what would it be?

“It would be try not to worry about the small stuff because you get lines when you get older from worrying about things that really don’t matter, like what people think of you is probably the main one you know. Just be yourself, people respect that.”

What’s your plan music wise for the end of the year?

“I’ve got another track coming out in six weeks and then I’ll be dropping my first album mixtape and then yeah just gonna keep the flow going.”


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