EP REVIEW // ‘Early Trauma’ – Johnny Hunter


Johnny Hunter is the product of the creative minds of Nick Hutt, Ben Wilson, Xander Burgess, Nick Cerone and Gerry Thompson. After numerous single releases since 2018, the band has finally produced a full length EP titled ‘Early Trauma’.

From the strong introduction of Hollow Man it is easy to understand why this Australian Band is loved so much. Inspired by 80s New Wave (The Cure, Joy Division, New Order), Johnny Hunter takes these inspirations and meets them with a modern twist to create something that I could only amount to as nostalgic punk. Hollow Man prepares listeners for a well-versed EP.

Pain and Joy will have you screaming the lyrics in teen angst, complaining about society. The lyrics are perfect and a credit to the creativity of the band. This is truly a stand-out from the EP. Nick Hutt (Vocalist) is met by a strong accompaniment, emphasising the power that this track entails. It is a sure favourite of mine.

Midway through the EP, listeners are met with a familiar track- Try As You May, which feels like your childhood; making you nostalgic for moments you can’t even put into words. Lyrically, this track is a stand out and heavily explains why this is Johnny Hunter’s most popular track.

As the EP comes to an end listeners are met with an ‘infinite’ track, Innocence Interrupted, a song that could easily be added to The Cure’s discography. Best listened to blasting out loud, it will make you feel infinite. I can’t wait to see the future of this track, it’s safe to say that is one of the best releases from an Australian Act in 2020.

Beautiful Dreamer, is perfectly placed at the end of the album to the band’s debut EP. It fills you with a sense of closure, but leaves you wanting more. Once again, it is a track filled with perfect instrumental and distinct vocals, carefully produced to create the exact ‘feeling’. It’s an emotional track that may have you sobbing by the end of it (but don’t smudge your 80s Robert Smith eyeliner).

My favourite thing about ‘Early Trauma’ is the fact that everyone can relate to the tracks in an intimate way- it’s a release that will make you feel emotions you’ve suppressed or forgotten.

It’s safe to say that this EP is well overdue, and that it will reinforce why Johnny Hunter are a powerhouse of the music industry.


INTERVIEW // Johnny Hunter: A Chat with Nick Hutt on ‘Early Trauma’, Influences and Isolation

In an uncertain time, Nick Hutt, frontman of Sydney Rock band- Johnny Hunter prepares to release their Debut EP- ‘Early Trauma’. A phone call later and I got a sense of what to expect from the upcoming release, the journey up until now and got to know Nick Hutt.


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