SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Lie To Me’ – Tired Lion



Tired Lion once again without a doubt have killed it with their brand new release “Lie To Me. It is a follow up track from “Waterbed” which was released back in May. This is their second release of 2020 and it comes with the exciting announcement of a new album titled “Breakfast For Pathetics” which is set for release on the 20th November.

Right from the very beginning of this song, You can hear the strong 90’s grunge vibes and it’s combined with the modern indie rock sound that we hear often and have come to love. The verses are filled with a mean bass line underneath clean vocals and great lyrics. They are no stranger to taking simple chord progressions and turning it into something unique that grunge fans love and appreciate.

When the song breaks into the chorus it is truly something else as vocalist Sophie Hopes screams “Lie to me! Tell me I’m Pretty, Tell Me I’m skinny” over fuzzed guitar chords that will just have you jumping up and down screaming along. It punches out such a strong energy that is in your face and will definitely get stuck in your head with it’s melodies and powerful lyrics.

From the impressive vocals to the dirty strums of the guitar, “Lie To Me” is a flawless indie rock treat that of course has that unique Tired Lion sound that we love. A small taste of their anticipated second album will make fans hungry for more and will get them excited for what’s to come. November cannot come soon enough! If you have never heard of this band then you have certainly been sleeping on something amazing.


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