SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Ocean’ – Jordan Snowden


Ocean may be Jordan Snowden’s debut single but he is no foreigner to the Newcastle music scene. Busking since the age of 13 Jordan has played gigs from Maitland to the Central Coast finding his passion in connecting to live audiences through music. 

This debut single is filled with bright summery energy, just waiting for you to run to the beach and feel the waves crash over your body. Sharing the story of his home, and relationship with the ocean Jordan creates an intimate atmosphere. The base line patterns footsteps across the hot sand, joining his warm soul filled melody. 

Ocean’s lyrics picked me up from the Melbourne winter and whisked me away on a summer road trip up the East Coast. Reminiscent of Garret Kato and Kyle Lionheart,  the smooth production of Ocean is a definite roadtrip jam, wind the windows down and feel the wind rush through your hair to this one. 

Jordan has shared some big plans for future releases, I’m sure Ocean is just a taste of what is to come. I can’t wait for this gem to be released, it will leave you counting down the days until summer.  

Ocean will be available for streaming August 21. 

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