SINGLE REVIEW // ‘So Long, Adieu’ – La Roma


‘La Roma’, the four-piece based locally out of Newcastle, bring a dark post punk vibe to a rock track, creating an overwhelmingly sentimental and achy song to mark their debut release as a band. The boys have, however, been making music together for a while now- in 2011 they formed the indie rock outfit ‘Emerson’, recording two EPs under that moniker, which sadly came to its close in 2012. Nearly seven years later, they’re back, better (arguably) and bigger- with the addition of Hudson on drums to the previous trio of Daniel, Ezekiel and Gareth.

Their debut single “So Long, Adieu” sounds like it should soundtrack the classic teen-angst road-trip featured in an early 2000’s movie- in the best way possible. Rock music pumping, maybe a melancholy raindrop or two rolling down the windshield- and car full to the brim with emotions. It’s a very niche emotion that it caters to, but one everyone can relate to.

With clear tonal references to classic artists like Linkin Park and Three Days Grace, crisp vocals contrast the layers of echoey electric guitar- reminiscent of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Kingswood, and Manchester Orchestra as well, you’ll feel nostalgic and be transported back in time. Heavy hitting drums paired with a consistently rolling bassline keep the song up in tempo- a great contrast to the lyrics.

The lyrics, however sweetly sung, reflect a dark time in singer and writer Daniels life, as he came to realise that “…the distractions of the world were only that, distractions, and that money, drugs and women, although they can bring joy or that feeling of accomplishment to some – they were never going to fulfil the emptiness I felt during that time of my life”.

Their debut release is truly a purge or cleanse of sorts – of deep emotion, preconceived ideas, and also creative release- which is exactly how it feels to the listener. Saying goodbye, literally, to things you once cherished is incredibly difficult, but makes you stronger, which is conveyed repetitively. Heartbreak and loss are so clearly conveyed in this song that it almost makes it hard to listen to… but you keep listening anyway because it’s just too damn good.

There’s plenty more to look forward to if you like their tune, as ‘La Roma’ have another single release lined up for late 2020, and a debut EP early 2021.


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