SINGLE REVIEW // ‘over u’ – will hyde


Dreamy. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Will Hyde. Hyde is an animated blend of pop and emotion. Powering through 2020 with his DIY Pop tunes, Will Hyde has now dropped “over u”. Melodically this tune is a punchy and fun acoustic type track. The upbeat and fast paced track really sucks you in from the get go. Then lyrically it spits you back out as it chronicles the end of a relationship

As the song progresses you begin to unwrap the journey of young love that has soured all while being caressed by Hyde’s alluring vocal tone. The song does straddle that seemingly infinite space people can often sit in after the end of a relationship. 

Hyde sings

I thought that I was over you, 

Now I’m missing what I’m used to

You make me feel like such a fool

Kills me to feel the way I do

These lines perfectly meld the audio feel of the song to it lyrically. The whole song has a push/ pull energy and you are constantly being pulled between the music and lyrics. 

Overall the track is a high quality piece. The song is clean, and fits well with the other already released tracks “Easy for u” and “Meant to be”. Hyde is making quite a name for himself in this space, his honest vulnerability making his music relatable and his skill making him a musician to watch out for in the future. 

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