SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Forget Me’ – Amy Vee


“Forget Me is the brand new track from Newcastle based artist Amy Vee. The track comes after her album “Same Skin” which was released in July of last year. Amy describes the song as dark and honest and adds,

 “We built the song around my demo and really just tried to capture that feeling of being desperate to connect but too stuck in your own head”, which is true when listening to the track as it expresses that feeling perfectly. 

The isolated vocals backed by the soft sounds of a guitar throughout the track is mesmerising and really helps keeps the focus on the well written lyrics. You can feel real emotion when listening as the artist has such haunting vocals that really create a beautiful mellow tone that calls to your soul.

After listening for the first time, I have become a fan straight away – the raw lyrics really hit home for an introvert like me and I’m sure it will resonate strongly with others as well with its dark tones and moody lyrics.
It’s a stunning, well written track that showcases Amy Vee’s amazing talent as a songwriter and musician.

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