INTERVIEW // EUCA: On ‘Not Champagne’ – instant success from a debut single


Image by Chris Nicolaou

“It’s just been the best thing I’ve ever did” –

Euca on releasing Not Champagne

Recently I got the chance to have a chat with EUCA, an up-and-coming artist who has just released her debut single ‘Not Champagne’. From her understanding of music to the story of her Tik Tok success and her journey to ‘Not Champagne’, I can safely say that EUCA is sure to have a bright future.

How are you doing at the moment?

Well, interesting… First and foremost, I’m a wedding musician. I’ve been playing for about nine years now, like ages. So with all of this COVID stuff, that went so quickly and I just had to adapt to not only that but my other jobs too. I’ve been overwhelmed by the love coming from ‘Not Champagne’ so I’ve definitely been a lot more emotional than normal

So who is EUCA? Where did the name come from?

My first name is Eilish, and when I writing music when I was younger, I always had this concept of ‘Well my name is unique, so I’ll always have my name’, and then about three years ago Billie Eilish came along, and it felt like I had lost my identity in a kind of way. So I thought, how are people going to find my content under that name now, I pretty much just had to come up with something and for the last two years I’ve had that name [Euca], in my mind. I wanted something that sounded Australian and also started with E and along came Eucalyptus, and so I chopped it and EUCA was formed. 

It’s been amazing to see your success from Tik Tok to now. What’s that journey been like?

Super weird for sure. I absolutely love the Tik Tok platform so much. I’ve always had a big interest in PR and media, I studied it at Uni actually, and so when Tik Tok became a thing- I wasn’t even thinking about it in terms of that. I uploaded this ludicrous video of me telling a story, and it just blew up straight away, it had 200 thousand views just like that. From about six months ago, I realised the potential of Tik Tok as a musician and started promoting ‘Not Champagne’ with little clips and specific content. It’s been awesome to kind of guess our way through the platform and be one of the first [new] artists to use it in such a way.

We begin to chat about the success of the track so far on Spotify, with Not Champagne growing at over four thousand streams a day. Eilish speaks “It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m the type of person that is constantly refreshing everything, so excited about it.”

The Story of Not Champagne

It’s a funny story. I was seeing this guy and him and I weren’t ever official, or officially together, but basically he messed me around a lot. And I knew that I needed to write some songs about it. I had a housemate at the time, and she was going through something with her boyfriend at the time too and she said really flippantly, laughing “I’ve lost my bubbles, I’m not champagne. I’m white wine.” And I just instantly had to write it down.

I wrote it [Not Champagne] in about 10 minutes, and I just fell in love with it. I had other parts of the song written down that I slotted in. To me, the song is about being hurt by somebody and the feeling of them almost taking away part of your personality and putting you in more of a depressed mindset. 

I’m not champagne, I’m white wine” – I’m still the essence of what I was but you are flattening everything about me sort of thing.

Many jokes later, and sharing some personal stories, we begin to talk about her goals with the track. Funnily enough, EUCA says “I had the goal to get to a thousand stream by the end of the week, when I released it. And it got ten thousand.”. Her favourite part of her musical experience is hearing how people play her track and what it means to them. 

“Sometimes I’m self-destructive. I catastrophise my life and everything that I did”

Temporary Dreamer has a signature question- If ‘Not Champagne’ was a colour, what would it be, and why?

Oh my God I love that question. Instantly, the first thing that came to my head is like a gold colour- probably because of champagne, it has that shiny colour to it. And why?…

I think besides the Champagne colour, it’s because the song is something that sounds so happy, and yet it’s about a time that was so dark for me.

I think now though, I don’t even associate the song with being like sad anymore. It’s produced in such like a fun and light way, so I imagine it all bubbly now.

This is the first we’ve heard from EUCA. What stopped you from releasing earlier?

I would have been in about Year 12, like maybe 17 and I released an EP and it was garbage, no actually it was garbage fire. The lyrics were good- I’m still considering rewriting the songs with the same lyrics- but yeah. I got messed over by this producer big time, he fully just went like all experimental on my songs and because I was a teenager, I didn’t really know what was right for my music and what was wrong. I was just letting him be all experimental and he just destroyed the songs. After that horrible experience there were a few years where I was too scared to write music, which is really sad. Since he has messed me around so much, I just got scared of it. I didn’t know how I was going to overcome that and write/ record music again without it getting destroyed. It’s quite sad looking back at it honestly.

So like myself, I’m sure a lot of people are excited to follow your journey. What’s in store for the future of EUCA?

I’ve definitely got more songs to release. My plan was to release them like in like four months and then everything happened and I was like ‘OK that’s way too long, I’m going to cut it back’

So fingers crossed- I don’t have a date yet- but like fingers crossed that in September it would be cool to have another single out. The next one that I’m releasing is my favourite.

I don’t know how everything will turn out, but if it keeps going like it is, I would like to release probably three singles followed by an EP, that would be awesome.

And goal wise, I would give anything to play a festival. I’d probably do an absolute shit job if I ever played a festival though because I would be far too emotional.

It was absolutely brilliant to have a chat to EUCA. It’s definitely easy to see that this brilliant female is going to have an amazing career.

Check out ‘Not Champagne’:

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