EP REVIEW // ‘Spells’ – Elmo Aoyama


Elmo Aoyama’ “Spells is truly an 80’s synth masterpiece. Elmo’s confident and reflective journey of significant events surrounding love, life, death, loss and politics is portrayed without flaw in this hugely genre-diverse EP. 

There is so much to unpack in Elmo’s sombre production.  

In my listening of this EP I am thoroughly impressed with the diversity of sound and lyric for each track. It is incredible the amount of talent Elmo has for taking their listeners on a unique journey each time. 

“Spells” for me was the standout track, and I can understand why Elmo chose this song to title the EP. The way the sound and lyric all come together in this song was transformative and evolved into something so deep and transcending. “I’ll see you in my dreams” was a lyric I heavily resonated with – I think we all can. This track had such incredibly beautiful and soft tones to compliment Elmo’s gentle voice and is worth the mention and high regard. 

If you enjoy the dreamy synth pop from M83 I highly recommend unique Sydney artist Elmo Aoyama! There is so much talent in this EP – I am so glad to have discovered Elmo’s sound and I’m certainly a fan. 


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