SINGLE PREMIER // ‘Feelings’ – Erica Padilla



Feelings is a groovy R&B track with empowering lyrics for moody evenings. Sprinkled with glittery pop production elements this new release is a bite sized gem from Melbourne’s up-and coming Erica Padilla.  

Building her career form the ground up Erica has gone from performing at local fetes and festival to busking all over Victoria and New South Wales. After gaining a significant following on TikTok, Erica is releasing her third single Feelings as the next step in her online journey with music. This track is the result of Erica’s first collaborative project produced remotely by Charlotte Rochecouste.  

Reflecting on the complexities of a breakup Erica brings warm soul filled vocals to Feelings. Since making her way through that situation she has said the track has gained a new meaning, it’s now about “focusing on yourself, being independent and not working yourself up on love and relationships”.  

Feelings is a perfect reminder that we don’t need anyone else even “on the nights [we] can’t sleep”, because we are self-empowered and capable of great things when we choose not to over invest in a relationship.   

Spending the last couple of months at home I can relate to Erica’s musings on learning to value yourself especially in such challenging times. I am excited to share Feelings with my friends and have a boogie around the lounge room.  

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