SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Back On My Bullshit’ – Chelsea Warner


Taking the challenges of 2020 in her stride, Chelsea Warner has balanced the release of three singles, and her studies at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music this year with elegance. Back on my Bullshit is a playful 90’s R&B and pop lovechild bringing a faster pace than How Come You Don’t Pick Up Your Phone & Ignite, both released earlier in 2020.

This track almost feels nostalgic for the memories I am dreaming up in a post COVID world, dancing around with my friends appreciating the freedom to be up to our old antics. Inspired by the 90’s pop and R&B scene Chelsea has captured moments of embracing a few selfish decisions in the name of self love. Her sultry voice and empowered lyrics bring an incredibly uplifting vibe to this collaborative project.

Zyda’s verse adds to the iconic 90’s conversational feel with the back and forth of male and female roles in the lyrics. Chelsea’s harmonies add a rich texture on top of Sumatra’s beat. Sprinkled with sirens, ring tones and voice memos this collaboration captures nostalgia in sonic form. Back on My Bullshit is a like a multi layered birthday cake just waiting to be eaten up. Pop this one on when you and your friends are crammed into the bathroom pre-drinking getting ready for a night out.

Back on My Bullshit is available for streaming across all platforms


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