SINGLE REVIEW // ‘It Gets Better’ – Boo Seeka


The Newcastle guys are back, and if there’s one thing that their music always has, it’s the potential to be something different; with Days Get Better is no exception to that.  

Ben and Michael, the two current members of the duo Boo Seeka, continue their string of hit singles, following on from other great tracks like Rush, Millennium Drive, Midnight Run and Take a Look. Whilst Days Get Better does sound quite different to these other tracks, it incorporates the same feelings as them and really showing what is yet to come off their new album, as well as what they’ve been up to during this Covid-19 period.  

The track quite literally gets straight into it with Ben’s dreamy vocals and some pretty deep synths and bass. The synths really are a standout in the song, driving it along all throughout, especially with the variety of sounds that they create. It really sounds quite different to a lot of their existing work and gives off a strong dance/electronic vibe, especially with the deep bass. The guitar is this track is another high point for the single, as it feels so prominent here and adds so much to the whole track. This is notably in the chorus as it really gives the song so much power and a really full sound, whilst the more minimal guitar in the verses build it up big time. The upbeat drums tie everything together nicely and do elevate the song’s enjoyment even more.  

Days Get Better is really all about both the lyrics and the instrumentals, and they’re fused together really effectively. The production on this track is pretty stylish all throughout and really make it sound super fun. The instruments sound huge but never overbearing or convoluted, which can normally be a big risk with a track like this. The reverb-filled and echoing vocals don’t become lost in it, instead working with the different sounds to drive the track forward.  

This is the post-covid anthem that fans are going to need, and when live music comes back properly, Days Get Better is one track that will definitely make the crowd go off. The dance vibes will resonate with the audience, especially for a live show. The performance elements really shine through here too, and seeing the guys play it live will be something that’ll any festival or venue get rowdy.  

See you at The Cambridge guys… eventually 

Listen to Days Get Better here:

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