LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // dave the band and Milky Thred (The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle)


Newcastle legends, dave the band have finally graced ears of all listeners with the release of their debut album ‘slob stories’. If you know anything about the band, you know that fans have been waiting for this one for quite some time. Introducing the album to the world for the first time, the band took to the classic Newcastle venue, The Cambridge Hotel on the 28th of August 2020 for two sold out, seated shows.

The early show kicked off with Milky Thred, a surf/ indie rock band from Newcastle, who were met with joy by the all ages crowd. The two piece band consists of Riley Gardiner (Vocals/ Guitar) and Adrian Smith (drums) and have made quite a name for themselves in the music industry. Playing a mix of songs from their upcoming EP, as well as the notable ‘fan favourites’, it was evident that the boys poured everything into the supporting slot. The connection between Adrian and Riley is highly commendable, and it is particularly worth noting what an impressive frontman Riley had developed into. All-in-all, there could not have been a better choice of opening band.

Dave The Band hit the stage with the familiar sound and stage presence that audiences have grown accustomed to. Formed as a school project way back in 2007, the band consist of Noah Church (Vocals/ Guitar), Gabriel Argiris (Drums) and Max Tuckerman (Bass) and are quite possibly the strongest band Newcastle has to offer. From the first strums of the popular ‘Ultrahard’ to the stand out tracks from the new album ‘Endstart’ and ‘Get Smart’, the energy levels went through the roof. The show may have been seated, but the sold out audience made up for it by screaming lyrics and rocking out in their seats. Words cannot describe how phenomenal this band is, or the impact that they have had on the Newcastle music scene.

As the night began to wrap up, the band headed into a unique version of ‘eggiwegs’ which had everyone clapping along before the energy raced up with the classic familiarity of the track. Everyone in the main room of the Cambridge screamed the lyrics of ‘Lump in Your Throat’ and ‘Juice’ before demanding an encore.

One more song. One more song. Three more songs. Ten more songs…” shouted the audience.

It’s not a Dave The Band concert until ‘By a Thread’ has been played, and the band happily jumped back on stage to end the night with the traditional performance of the song.

It’s certain that no one could have been able to predict that we’d be sitting down at gigs instead of moshing to the best of Newcastle’s music if you asked someone a year ago, but one thing is for sure- no matter the show, dave the band always put on a memorable night. If you didn’t catch the band at their album release shows, you missed out on the gig of the year. So instead, you’ll just have to check out their album.

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