I think a lot about the French expression L’appel du vide, the call of the void. The call of the void is that inexplicable feeling you get when you are standing in a high place and that quiet voice in your head draws you to the edge and whispers ‘I could jump’. There is an inconceivable link between the human condition and reaching out into the void that calls on us, we live in a society where there is a prescribed standard for everything and meeting that standard has become paramount to being given a space a sense of belonging and validation.  Media is quickly and easily consumed these days and it is easy to get lost in the unsolicited pool of curated perfection that we are presented with, even more so when you didn’t subscribe to meeting the benchmark. 

It is within this space that sometimes the void reaches out to us and it is the core of human nature that we find a way, sometimes that way is an escape, to remove the mind from the preconceived fixture of what we should be. BOYSCLUB has carved out their own space a place of free expression, in the rapids of self-doubt and addiction we find the light that is the track ‘Lovesick’. The honesty and vulnerability of the track is poignant to a point of discomfort. There is no glamorisation , no softened romantic view of addiction just the dark reality of a society that has deprioritized mental health driving individuals to a point of self-medication. This song is a masterfully curated piece in a larger puzzle. This band has made it apparent that they have something powerful to say, their music is going to contribute to shaping the society that we live. Sonically and lyrically this band is truly the definition of punk, much like traditional punk this band is demanding a space and to be heard.

The accompanying video provides the perfect stage for thematic exploration. The clip is like looking at a fish-tank. There are elements that are undeniably relatable, powerful, forcing your attention and keeping you sucked in to the narrative while also keeping an impenetrable barrier around the characters. This surreal clip furthers your emotional investment in the song and themes, the band drawing a powerful parallel between addiction, isolation and those around us.


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