SINGLE REVIEW // ‘The Fire’ – A Swift Farewell


There is no denying that A Swift Farewell is entirely addictive. The Sydney 4- Piece have been literally ploughing through the Sydney Scene for a while now, Since forming in 2019 they have already opened for scene legends Hands Like Houses and charted on the Faction Hardest 100. The band’s newest release, “The Fire ” has that stadium filling potential, sounds its blends rich and emotive lyricism with the kind of riff that gets the heart of a pop-punk fan racing. Sonically the track does have that charismatic pop-punk feel, nuanced with the sharp edges of alt-rock classic themes.

“I’m letting myself down again

I’m burning but I’m too scared to change”

Front Women Emma Mather sings.

This spellbinding line  captures the essence of the song and over feel of the band. This poignant line and guttural honesty that is unveiled throughout the song, unveiling the thematic exploration of self-destruction throughout the track. The track is overall quite addictive, the flow of the music makes it an exhilarating listen and when you deep dive of the lyrics and cleverly put together accompanying videos you just get more than you really expect. This tune is something you will unwrap, each listen divulging more of the story.


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