SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Quiet People’ – Tom Vs Tom


Straight off his fresh release ‘A Motion Picture’ Sydney Local, Tom Vs Tom is back at it again with Quiet People’. As mentioned in the review of his debut track, he’s a remarkable artist that is certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Quiet People’ is a groovy track, with excellent production and brilliant vocals. It’s a track that needs to instantly be added to every playlist. The song with immediately transport you to days in the city, or chilled out moments by the beach. Personally, I believe this track is a brilliant stand out in the music industry.

Perfectly released in a time that things are a little uncertain, ‘Quiet People’ is a familiar track for fans of Lime Cordiale, Alt-J or even Milky Chance, if they’re up for a unique twist. It feels like a track that listeners are comfortable with and have known for a lifetime, yet Tom vs Tom isn’t a household name yet. It certainly baffles me.

A stand out Sydney track, and up-and-coming artist, Tom Vs Tom is remarkably mature with his artistry and music. This is certainly an artist to invest in, and his releases just continue to astound with the refined production and catchy tunes. It’s definitely a track that will get stuck in your head; one repeat isn’t enough for Quiet People.

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