SINGLE REVIEW // ‘UrbanAngel1999’ – Thomas Headon


There aren’t many artists that I can instantly connect with in the first seconds of a track, but Thomas Headon– a Melbourne singer/ songwriter is certainly worth falling in love with. Already gaining outstanding success with his releases, the up-and-coming artist has everything that will guarantee a bright future.

UrbanAngel1999 is a song that you will instantly chuck on repeat. With the catchiest lyrics and a killer music video, there is nothing that this track doesn’t have. The melody of this track is a stand out, and I cannot help but sing along to this track every time it comes on.

“I told you I loved you and you really just wanted a friend”

Thomas Headon is what the industry is needing at the moment- a unique, young artist who encapsulates the indie sound, meeting it with just the right amount of pop and 80s sounds. This is definitely a track that will make every playlist so much better.

If you haven’t heard of Thomas, hit the link below and check out the single; the 3:10 track will instantly make you feel like you’re living the dream. I highly recommend this track

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