SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Everywhere You’re Not’ – RACKETT


The pop goddess RACKETT strikes again with her brand new track “Everywhere You’re Not” which also features vibrant New York rapper Dante Knows. This being her 4th release of this year, it is just showcasing her talents as an artist with this astonishing electro pop sound.

This artist is known for her energetic live performances and these tracks certainly embody a lot of that exceptional energy and give fans a taste of just how much power and liveliness that shines through her.

The track starts off with notable vocals that are accompanied by a beat driven sound that starts the song off well. When the pre-chorus occurs, it takes on a softer approach which really isolates singer Rebecca Callander’s vocals as it builds into the catchy chorus. Dante Knows slays his verse in the track with great bars that prove he has a lot of talent and certainly lets listeners know that this is a collaboration we all needed in our lives.

As a whole, this release is a feel good dance electro pop track that throws out a sense of nostalgia that is combined with modern electro to give it that unique new RACKETT sound that everyone will love and crave more of.
 I feel like every time RACKETT releases a new track, they become better and better and I’m falling in love with her fresh new sound even more because this artist can do no wrong.

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