EP REVIEW // ‘100% Alive’ – Milky Thred


Newcastle locals Milky Thred are about to drop their debut EP 100% Alive’, and it has definitely been worth the wait for fans of the band, and for those who enjoy bands like Skegss or Hockey Dad, it’s definitely one to check out.

Built from Riley Gardiner and Adrian Smith, the two-piece surf-rock/indie-rock band have made a name for themselves amongst the local scene by playing shows with Hockey Dad, Press Club, West Thebarton, The Chats and a stack of other local legends; as well as releasing a string on singles going back to 2017.

The EP is relatively short, fairly well-produced and filled with fun, fast and punchy little numbers that are really enjoyable and fit right into the current Newcastle scene, as well as also having the potential to be getting some airplay across Triple J and Triple J Unearthed.

After a short intro called Alive, which is a really nice transition into the rest of the EP, we hit Things I’ve Seen; a pretty enjoyable song with a strong chorus, some great lead guitars in the second half of the track as well as some nice sounding drums. It’s a solid opener, not only on the EP, but one that would get the crowd going at a live show.

Young feels like the perfect blend of Skegss’s Road Trip and Alex Lahey’s I Want U, taking an almost doo-wop rhythmic vibe with the chilled Summer-ish lyrics, that also feels like it’ll get played a bit at various (Covid-safe) parties in Newcastle over the warmer months. Similar to a lot of the other tracks, Young is another really enjoyable song that feels like the band’s really trying to make something of themselves with this release.

Listeners would have also seen this with the two singles, Slug and Noise and Tread, both giving a really great taste of what the EP was going to offer.

Slug really gives off some big PUP vibes, assumedly taking big instrumental inspiration from their 2019 track ‘Sibling Rivalry’, as well as some late 90’s/early 00’s alt rock too. The bass riff and drums really drive it nicely, but also give it a more relaxed tone which reflects the message of the song nicely.

Noise and Tread has one of my favourite song intros on the EP, with the opening riff and the drums quickly building up to the verse. It also feels like it tries to be one of the more stand out tracks instrumentally. Whilst lyrically is does feel less inspired than the rest, it still makes for one of the standout tracks on the EP.

Pedestrian is the closing track on the EP and is also my favourite song on the track list. It has such a huge and fun energy to it. Taking advantage of being the longest track and the closer, the guys really unleash a really awesome instrumental to finish off the track. If there was one song on the EP that I’d be keen to see Milky Thred play live, Pedestrian would easily take the cake.

Overall, I really enjoyed the debut from the Novocastrian band. Not only is it fun and enjoyable, but it also shows the band on what seems to be the right direction if they are going to make it bigger in the future, mainly if they keep releasing music this good. Both fans and newcomers are going to enjoy this release, especially when the guys get to play it live at some point in the future. If you enjoy the surf/indie rock scene, definitely check these guys out!

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