SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Manic’ – Ayla


Ayla, is one of Australia’s best up-and-coming artists and she’s back with a brand new track. ‘Manic‘ is a unique, gloomy-pop single and goodness do I love it! It comes after single “Go Slow” earlier this year in June.

There is a lot of diversity in this track, which is fresh and different to previously produced tracks by the artist. You can really hear Ayla coming out of her shell in this track. One that is built on exceptional confidence and a story that she is passionate to tell. “Manic” is an innovative and daring triumph. It demands to be heard. I love the energy of this track and the lyrical journey the audience is taken on.

“It’s hard to forgive when forgetting is this fun”.

I was a fan of Ayla already – but you are sure to become hooked yourself after listening to this tragically beautiful and fun pop single. If you enjoy locals Montaigne, Greta Ray or Woodes you will enjoy the vibes Ayla give. I cannot wait to hear more from this talented artist!

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