Making leaps and bounds as an up-and-comer in the Aussie R&B scene, Traction is OXLEE’s third release for 2020. With no signs of slowing down, he is unafraid of laying his emotions down for others to find a piece of themselves in.

Traction is the funky follow up to I Don’t Get You, setting itself apart with a light and breezy rhythm. I can definitely hear OXLEE’s love of k-pop shine through in this faster paced second instalment of the story. Influenced by the production of Tobi Lou and Trinidad Cardona, OXLEE has polished the track with with his funky, signature sound. Layered with a warm and bright melody Traction is ready to soundtrack a high school romance and lift the vibes as we wrap up 2020.

OXLEE has created a fun fusion between his groovy soul filled base and flirty pop vocals resulting in a forward-thinking R&B sound. The lyrics of Traction follow on from ‘I Don’t Get You’, reflecting moments of connection and learning about someone new after they have been the mystery on your mind.

If you find yourself wanting more of Ruel’s vocals, Chet Faker’s beats and Alec Benjamin’s vibe check this one out! Prepare yourself for a moment to get lost in the sound and have an afternoon boogie in your bedroom.

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