SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Life Is Crazy (Like That)’ – OK Hotel


Wollongong indie/ alt rockers ‘OK Hotel’ are back and stronger than ever with their new release ‘Life Is Crazy (Like That)’. Following on from their previous release ‘Swim’ the three-piece have smashed it once again, with what I’d describe as the 2000s coming-of-age movie sound.

I can easily see this track in the soundtrack to a variety of movies, with the perfect sound. Frontman Josh Fogarty embraces an early pop punk meets 90s alternative rock sound, strongly emphasised by the talented Liam Jordan and Jason Kocovski.

“Everything I wanted to say came out in the ‘life is crazy like that’ chorus line. It’s one of those rare occasions where the chorus writes itself with not much more than a single phrase. It was the very first thing I said on a voice memo and it stuck. Growing up we get worn down by things we love and not knowing where to start mapping boundaries can be tough. The songs about unhealthy friendships and questioning what it is keeping people together in the first place”

In a time where there are so many uncertainties, it’s nice to hear a familiar sound that I grew up on, with the twist that it’s a brand new Aussie band. With Kell from Australian-favourite band ‘TOTTY’ on backing vocals, there’s no doubting that this is an excellent addition to every playlist. Even at first listen, you’ll feel like you know the band and you’re certain to be singing along to the chorus, loving every moment.

This is going to be a great tune to scream along with your friends at the next festival, and there is no doubting that OK Hotel are smashing it already in the industry, creating tracks that keep you wanting more. I’ve already got Life is Crazy (Like That) on repeat and I’m sure that in a matter of time, you will too.

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