SINGLE REVIEW // What A Waste – Matahara


Matahara is here with their debut single “What a Waste” and this single is so much fun and brings so many good vibes. Matahari (meaning: ‘the sun’ in Indonesian) is the name for Narrm/Melbourne via Jakarta musician and singer-songwriter, Marissa Yudinar

Matahara describes “What a Waste” as “a song about a long-awaited realisation that it was all a one-sided effort, in the wake of an intense period of getting to know a person romantically”. 

Listening to “What a Waste” I was so blown away by Matahara’s soft, dreamy, and gentle voice. The standout of this song for me is the unusual and innovative sounds that play during the chorus. They remind me of sound effects in indie games I played as a teenager or sounds from an old gaming console. It is so energetic and bursting with life! The genre-diverse track as a result is refreshing, unique and has major chill vibes.  

This song is so groovy and addictive, it makes me honestly want to party in my bedroom. All things considered, her track one of the best singles I have heard this year. 

It is with pleasure that I get to recommend this track and I could not recommend it more. This song is the epitome of walking on sunshine. Please give this track a listen and add to your summer vibes playlist – you will thank me for it later! 


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