FEATURE: Lanstan’s Five Favourite Aussie Hip Hop Artists that Deserve a Trophy

Making his debut back in 2017 with viral hit ‘Garn Servo’, Lanstan moved quickly to keep the momentum growing, fleshing out his body of work into 2019 with the release of ‘Dream State’ (produced by Kuren) and ‘Go To  Sleep’, and current feature on The Fifth Guys ‘Fade Away‘ which has hit 100K streams since it’s release on the 4th of September. While the vibe of each song differs, what remains the same is Lanstan’s dynamism and enthusiasm for the craft. And it’s the same with ‘Trophy’.

Here’s his picks for his Top Five Favourite Aussie Hip Hop Artists that Deserve a Trophy

Miles Marmalade

I had to start this list off with my day one homie Miles! Since we made our first song ‘Garn Sevo’ together in 2017 and instantly went viral, we have maneuvered the music industry, traveled around the world and amassed a fanbase together as a team. His versatility has always kept me on my toes. From heavy, aggressive bangers to soft, introspective tracks, he has built a whole world within his discography after just two projects. His 2019 short film ‘Puzzle Pieces’ is a conceptual masterpiece told through the course of his six-track EP. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out!


I met Phi11a two years ago at a bar in Newtown where he told me he was about to accomplish all of his wildest dreams in music. In the time since then he has released a project with legendary producer Jimmy Duval and a smash hit with none other than Trippie Redd. The thing that sets Phi11a apart is the overwhelmingly positive energy he puts out at all times. Phi11a may already have his Trophy, but he’s only just getting started. He is on a mission to raise the bar for Australian hip-hop whilst making sure that everyone else comes along with him. 

Ollie Roland

Ollie Roland is one of the best producers in Australia. After falling in love with a beat he sent me back in 2019, we got in the studio and the rest is history. He has continued to grow and develop incredibly as an artist with super energetic bangers like ‘Kickin’ in’ and powerful, emotional cuts like ‘Soul’. Fusing incredible beat making with croony, tuned vocals and playful lyricism, Ollie Roland is definitely one to watch!

Saint Lane

I was sent Saint Lane’s first song ‘Zip Code’ a year before it was ever released and instantly knew he would be a star. Lane originally grabbed my attention with his fun, upbeat energy but ultimately, his more melancholy, reflective tracks like ‘The Family’ have become my favourite. With an excellent sense of style and amazing music videos, I think Saint Lane deserves a Trophy!


Since the first day I heard of Kuren, he has always been spoken of in the highest regard. Blowing minds with his incredible production and songwriting, he is very deserving of a Trophy! Crafting a full length conceptual album at just 20 years old and performing to thousands at Splendour in the Grass, he has already seen much of the limelight – but it is his recent EP ‘Holy Wave’ that really hits the spot for me. Check out the closing track ‘Dare to be Weird’ and my song ‘Dream State’ that he produced!


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