INTERVIEW // Xaysha On: ‘What They Say’, Identity and Collaborations


I caught up with Ex-Newcastle (now Sydney) artist Xaysha (pronounced zay-sha) to chat about her upcoming single.

How are you doing in this strange time?

I’m doing okay. I mean everything is awful, but it’s a really good time for self-reflection. It’s very good for creatives as an outlet- a good time to write and create.

Where did the name Xaysha come from?

It’s kind of strange because originally my name was just my middle name- my first release was under ‘Shay’ which was fine, it was okay but I just felt like something was missing. People calling me Shay just didn’t feel like me and then after having a big think about it, I put a lot of things together in and came up with Xaysha. I’m quite an outgoing kind of positive person, so I wanted that to be something that was recognised with the with the name change. I wanted a powerful name.

You’ve got a new single coming out on Friday the 18th of September, what can you tell us about this?

The song is basically about- it’s very relatable to women nowadays- young ladies nowadays going out into the dating world, it’s not always fun. It’s basically putting all the experiences from everything a guy has said to me into one song. It’s very relatable to a lot of people.

I have a film clip coming out for it too. It’s not going to be your stereotypical ‘boy meets girl’ scenario. I wanted to it to have some kind of funny element to it, I didn’t want to take it too seriously.

Do you have a favourite lyric from the song?

Hmm, I have a few actually.

“You know just what to say to make me wanna stay”,

I do like that and there’s one line that goes

 “First me, then her, does she know the way you taste?”

We have a signature question at Temporary Dreamer- If your song could be a colour, what would it be and why?

Oh, I love that. I feel like it would be purple because it’s still a powerful colour, but it’s still got that kind of fun flirty element to it.

Have there been any stand out moments of your career so far?

My musical journey started at a super young age. I’ve always been very driven. I began dancing and singing my Aunty’s dance school so that’s where all of my music came in.  I started helping out as an assistant teacher and that really helped me with my confidence and everything. I went on to go and perform at Disney World and Universal Studios, I worked as a performer on  a cruise ship called ‘Freedom of the Seas’ in America. I came back to Australia and wanted to figure out exactly what my plan was with my music.

So them, I went on X factor for like a year- another strange experience-  and I’ve been working on lots of collaborations. I’ve been super fortunate with my music.

I find that if you surround yourself with the people who are doing the same thing as you, and who are really serious about it, it motivates you ten times more.

That’s pretty impressive. Have there been certain people that you’ve worked with that were those ‘wow’ moments?

The first day I was in Costa Rica I met Ariana Grande’s producer and I didn’t really know who he was, I was just chatting to him and like we were talking. He asked if I wrote music and that night we just started writing and after, we began talking about what we both do etc etc and he told me about producing for Ariana. I couldn’t believe it!

It was pretty amazing like just sitting there and having a nice casual conversation with someone who is so humble even though he’s done all this amazing stuff.

Do you have any goals for the future of things you’d like to accomplish?

I’d love to get some Sync placement. Honestly, I don’t wanna be famous. I just wanna make a living Of course I’d love to do little tours and everything, but I don’t need the big hoo ha. I just want solid fans who enjoy listening to my music and actually vibe to it .

I fully believe that as long as I can like make a living from what I’m doing, that would be great. I’d love to do more collaborations and all of that too. I think that’s the sort of thing you’ve gotta treasure- working with all these amazing professionals and just learning and growing as a person.

Who are your favourite local Australian Artists?

Ooo- I do love Kota Banks, Wafia (they’re like my go-to, but if I was to listen to something forever it would be Gang of Youths.

Thank you so much for having a chat. You can check out Xaysha’s brand new single out today:

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