SINGLE REVIEW // ‘7Hundred25’ – Velvet Bloom


Wherever you are in the world right now, I think it’s fair to say we all just need a bit of an escape – something to lift you out of the place you’re stuck in. Velvet Bloom’s airy vocals are perfect for just that and her latest single 7Hundred25, is no exception.

Reminiscing of love and loss, a soft guitar and airy vocals open the song into a floaty dreamland. Velvet Bloom’s vocals, as always, completely shine on this track. Every layer of the track is used meticulously to create this breezy atmosphere while still keeping things minimal, taking you on a journey. It’s soulful, yet innocent. Sad, yet calm and somehow a little bit cheerful. If you’ve ever loved someone, you know this feeling, and it’s an addictive listen.

There’s this line in particular that repeats throughout each chorus and with each listen it still gets to me:

“I’d hate to waste the love I used to feel from your embrace”

It truly captures the innocence of love, especially long-term love where that person stops sending butterflies to your stomach and instead creates the warmth of a fireplace.

Me after listening to 7Hundred25 all afternoon and humming the tune all evening.

7Hundred25 is a true ballad, weaving its story throughout every facet of the track. Velvet Bloom’s song writing is glorious, her neo-soulful stylings are sensitive and raw without being neurotic.

With mentorship from Kylie Auldist through the MIME mentorship a Box Hill Institute, there are only good things to come from Velvet Bloom. .

7Hundred25 is the latest single by Velvet Bloom and as part of a Cousin Will Records compilation album including other artists like The Grogans, Auntie Leo And The Backstabbers, and Polly and the Pockets. Available on streaming platforms 18 September.


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