SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Energy’ – Zekiel


Taking 2020 as an opportunity to dive head first in to his music journey ZEKIEL’s Energy is an exciting collaborative project. Working alongside Taka Perry, ZEKIEL has continued his love for collaboration whilst developing his sound in the Aussie hip-hop scene. Taka Perry has brought something new to Zekiel’s work helping to add a new dimension to his earlier releases.

The beat is filled with tropical sounds, and interesting little details at times reminding me of being in the flow of a video game. With the release of lil bitch and Energy, Zekiel is picking up his pace and creating a more urban sound. His darker vocals and rich beat help to bring those elements to this track.

After his move from Brisbane to Sydney, Zekeil is carving out his place in the local music scene putting a spin on the sound that resonates within the community. His voice fits perfectly in to the Australian hip-hop sound, highlighting him as a promising up and comer. At such an early stage in his career I am excited to see where the journey takes him and how his style matures.

The dark and addictive flow of Energy layered with a tropical sounding beat leaves this song stuck in your head just waiting to hit your drive time playlist.

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